What Indian Railways need today

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India is a spectacularly vast and diverse country. And there is one network that really connects India- it’s the Indian Railways. Like veins and arteries the rail network criss-crosses our country and every Indian has his/her own favorite story about long distance train travel.

However, every Indian in this generation has a memory of some accident or terrorist attack involving the railways. All the beauty and glory of travelling by train gets permanently scarred when such incidences occur.

So how do we ensure that are railways are safer? How can we reduce the number of accidents, thwart terror attempts and have shorter response times in case of emergency?

It all boils down to having better control and information

What is the major threat to our railways? Terrorists, miscreants, thugs and stuntsmen – all pose their own set of threats to the safety of the railways.

Most of the railway stations in India lack a plausible security infrastructure. The situation is definitely better in the metros where past incidences have caused administration to be more alert. But as you move away from these epicenters, most stations have a bare minimum security.

Potential acts of terror can be easily carried out in these situations as we have witnessed in the past.

Indian Railway Station

In the past few months many stories have appeared in the papers about miscreant gangs that place heavy metal beams on the tracks that threaten to derail any oncoming train. It is important that in tracks near densely populated areas or easy to access areas are well watched to be forewarned against these activities.

In the past few years, trains passing through dense forests have been responsible for mowing down herds of elephants and other animals. The railways should show better responsibility towards animal safety and install surveillance systems that are monitored and live instructions are conveyed to motormen.

Having a set of watchful eyes inside the trains is becoming more and more essential – both on local networks as well as regional ones. Crimes against women, loot, chain snatching incidences are all very commonplace in the trains. So having CCTV surveillance will provide live updates, getting help when it is most needed.

Stuntsmen are most common on local railways where boys try various stunts and finally land up hurt or worse. Again here having an eye and being able to stop the train to round up these boys will help curb the menace that’s usually born out of immaturity in teenagers.

To sum up: The government is doing their best they can, and we, SOLUS are here to provide them with a helping hand. With our integrated security platform and easy to manage reporting styles, Solus can make railways stronger and more reliable.


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