Biometric ID15 Terminals

Jul 27, 2017

Whether being used for access to a building, secure sensitive areas or attendance management, biometric technology is come a long way. Biometric technology represents significant security advancement because it physically proves an individual’s identity.
ID15 is a universal biometric reader from Solus that comes with a 7.0 inch Touch screen for intuitive and comfortable user experience. The 7 inch screen of the terminal can display more information including card user photograph and transaction status, company announcement / ads etc.
It’s easy operation is suitable for small-to-large sized organizations. It allows users to choose different combinations of finger print, iris & smart card technology under different variants of the product, to meet various combination of security level and each transaction with user picture to avoid unauthorized access for security and flexible use.
Key Features:
  • Biometric terminal with 7.0-inch touch screen for intuitive and comfortable user experience
  • Supports multiple card technologies including Mifare / Prox / iClass/ 7816 Smart cards, combined with high fast and accurate fingerprint / Iris authentication
  • Built-in Web Server for remote access via Internet
  • Depending on the security level, systems may use multiple authentication methods—such as requiring a user to also input a pin code or swipe an ID card, finger / iris authentication
  • Options for USB interface, Bluetooth connectivity
  • Screen may be used to display Logo’s, Corporate Messages, Graphics, Photos Etc
  • Clear and audible Voice Acknowledgements In response to command instructions

Download ID15 Datasheet

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