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In today’s hybrid IT infrastructures, organizations are creating new challenges and competition – not only in their field of expertise but the groundwork built around it. That’s where iSolus steps in – to build a lucrative platform that delivers a fully secured and technologically-sound environment. We help you leverage new innovations at par with international standards because we understand that organizations face constant change while embracing business value.


Quick Features
  • Platform that integrates varied security systems and gets them talking
  • Web and mobile based to manage inputs from different locations centrally
  • Alert-based so that managers can attend to events by exception
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8 big challenges for Enterprise Security

    Obtaining comprehensive employee and visitor access records. This is especially required when facilities are distributed over a large geographic area.
    Managing security when thousands of visitors enter and leave your business premises each day.
    Managing disparate security systems under one hub.
    Protection against intrusions, thefts and vandalism through our accurate security solutions.
    Managing records of vehicle parking without manually inserting details of both staff and visitors.
    Dealing with your employees’ entry and exits each day. This helps avoid disputes amongst employees and higher hierarchies.
    Attendance and productivity of a large workforce.
    Tracking down activity at your canteen efficiently without manually recording daily transactions.
  • But the best part is…

    Different systems that plug into your platform need not be all our technology. This is because iSolus uses open architecture to integrate systems from other manufacturers without any hassles. This means that your fire alarm, time attendance, visitor management, vehicle parking, staff management and more will be synced under one roof. 

  • Did you know?

    iSolus works on the web and mobiles too. That means users in different locations can receive instant alerts.

    iSolus comes with base module which can then be easily expanded to the level your business grows. 

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iSOLUS - Integrated, Modular, Security Management

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