Lt. Col. M. Sudarshan
SM (Retd) Manager SecurityContinuum Solutions
It is my pleasure to offer this letter of reference to Narasimha Swamy N. Director of Solus. I strongly view Solus as an excellent source for state of the art Access control & Time attendance Systems. Their equipment and software is very reliable and easy to use.
Solus Access control & Time Attendance Systems has been installed at our Hyderabad Operations during August 2003. The System is managing Time & Attendance and Access Control function for about 1500 employees at 80 readers/doors at 24 hours, working nonstop. The capability to generate the alarm bell and to bring the attention of the Security Officer to take the action instantly is an additional advantage, which is workh mentioning. The System is running 24 hours a day to our full satisfaction. After installation we are effectively managing system Easily. Based on this very positive experience we plan to adopt Solus for all our future installations.
Solus has shown an extraordinary ability to identify our needs and provide us good working practical solutions. I would like to place it on record that Mr. Swamy has been ever helpful and has at odd hours attended to our problems. His knowledge in the software and the knowledge to the Security Personnel is praise worthy. He has always been helpful and hopes he continues to do so in the future.