Are you prepared to deal with these extraordinary threats?

Dec 18, 2017 | 3024 Views

Physical Security means protecting facilities, hardware, software, networks, data and people from harm. Any event such as a fire, floods, natural disasters, or an act of random vandalism that can cause damage or loss to an organization can be considered a security concern. Other physical security scenarios are theft, burglary, shootings and terrorist activities. However unlikely a scenario may be, Chief Security Officers need to be ready for each threat with multiple strategies in place.

With the rate at which the technology is changing, just evacuating people safely is not enough. The CSO needs to be prepared for events such as an active shooter and a hostage crisis as well. While digital threats are more common, physical threats are equally important. In a recent survey, it was discovered that even though some Security Officers do have a strategy in place for active shooter scenarios, none of the employees are aware of the strategy and how to react in such a scenario. While fire and earthquake drills are common, in case a terror attack, the employees and other staff have no clue about the measures that they need to take.  

While having a strategy in place for each crisis is important, you should also possess the technology and hardware to make sure the strategy is executed as planned. Any kind of disturbance from natural calamities to human disagreement that can affect the smooth functioning of business should be the primary concern of the CSO and there should be a way to discover such events and address these immediately. Solus Security Solutions possesses the technology to discover any kind of disturbance in the office and send a quick alert to the Security Staff in charge. These measures range from surveillance cameras to biometric access systems, sensors, and alarms that are set in motion at the first sign of danger. Once a problem has been discovered, the CSO should be well equipped to quickly form a response team and make sure that they act on the problem. This response team's number one priority should be the safety of all the employees. They should also have the level of authority to intervene and interfere in any proceedings and take actions such as shutting down a particular section of the office or stopping the production if necessary.

While your response team is acting on mitigating the disturbance, you should also have the means to alert all the employees or just a portion of the organization. There should be a plan in place to make sure that the right amount of information is delivered to the right audience at the right time to avoid unnecessary panic. Solus Security Solutions provides the technology required to make sure that you have effective equipment in your organization. The features include automatic system lockdown, remotely controlled door activities and fully integrated access and alarm systems. The CSO needs to receive the valid information from the scene of the event, analyze and assess the scene and then act on it with an appropriate solution to make sure that the situation is brought back under control and no one is in the harm's way.

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