Biometric, Aadhar verified, OTP SMS enabled Bank Locker solutions

Jul 04, 2018 | 5275 Views

Bank lockers need an urgent security update. Bank lockers are supposed to be safe and that's why users pay for them. Recently, many locker theft cases have been reported in the press. Shockingly, many thefts are a result of connivance between the bank officials and the thieves. While in other cases, thefts are carried out, movie-style using ingenious methods.

The bottom line is that both banks and customers suffer from these things.

That's because Banks too can be held responsible for a content loss from the Bank Lockers. There have been several landmark cases where banks have been held liable for the losses occurring from these thefts.

The Solus Biometric, Aadhar based and SMS enabled solution
Solus has come up with a Biometric, Aadhar based and SMS enabled solution wherein the biometrics of the locker's user are captured. The identity of the user is verified through his Aadhar card and each transaction at the locker generates a one-time password (OTP) and an SMS message to the user for a fail-safe and a more secure locker system.

Let's see how this works:
  1. During registration of a new locker user, Know Your Customer (KYC) details like Aadhar and Pan Card number, fingerprints and photograph, etc. of the user are checked and entered into the system.
  2. SMS Alerts for welcoming new customers, an OTP on the operation of lockers, rent due, expired lockers, downtime, and other information are sent. Custodian can program SMS for rent renewals/promotions/schedules etc. via the software settings.
  3. While accessing the Locker an OTP is generated and sent to the user's mobile number and on providing this OTP, access is given to the user by activating the locker reader and giving a smart card to the customer.
  4. The customer uses this card to go through the turnstile at the locker area.
  5. Inside the locker room, the customer or the custodian has to enter the locker number and punch in their fingerprints.
  6. The customer then enters has OTP and the dual authentication is achieved. The customer receives an OTP for each transaction that he does at the locker. The customer can use his activated locker only and not any other locker. The locker door will be open only for a certain duration, beyond which, an alarm starts beeping that continuously beeps after every few seconds. Live recording and photo capture of the person accessing the locker can be implemented.
  7. After coming out of the restricted locker area, the customer returns the smart card to the custodian. The reports that can be implemented include locker access report with or without the photograph, locker status summary report, system audit trail, device audit trail, nominee details, surrendered lockers, customer list, KYC list, rent details, swap locker report. The reports that have been implemented include super admin and admin logs, login logs, system logs, user access, user logs, customers with photo, list of administrators, etc.
Solus gives banks the power to let their customers feel safe and protects them from liabilities and bad reputation arising from theft.

For knowing more about the Solus biometric, Aadhar based, OTP and SMS enabled Bank Locker's solution you can get in touch with Solus. Please visit our website and for any sales enquiries, please contact +91 8043336666 or drop an email to