Here’s why investing in security system for your company is akin to insuring your business

Jun 14, 2017 | 5730 Views

Business is all about risk-taking. Ventures can succeed and fail based on how they are operated and how they respond to changes. However, some risks can throw a business off-balance and those potential risks have to be protected against. 

So what exactly are these risks and how can businesses protect themselves against them? Let’s examine them one by one:  

Threat from unauthorized entrants:

Unauthorized entrants in your premises can result in theft – of your physical assets, business secrets, confidential information or anything else of value. It can also threaten the security of your company if the visitor intends to vandalize or harm. Installing door entry systems, business alarm systems and visitor management systems can protect your business from these threats. 

Solution: Installation of bollards or boom barriers can be effective in checking the entry of any unauthorized vehicles. Further installing biometric access control systems or card-based systems will ensure that only the right, identifiable people have access to the sensitive areas of your organization. Installing a fool-proof visitor management system will deter unwanted elements from entering your premises.

Threat from fire:

Electrical malfunction, careless acts of smoking or any misfortune can lead to a fire on the business premises. The damage must be limited as it not only leads to loss of assets and information but also loss due to the inability to conduct business till the time everything is restored to normalcy. 

Solution: Fire alarm systems consisting of smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are great, but what is better is having smart, addressable systems that identify the source of the smoke and activate remedial action in the same area that the problem is in. New age systems are quick to draw the attention of the relevant, concerned authorities to get them to act in these situations through alerts on all devices including their mobile phones. Quick action can help in quick action limiting damage greatly.

Threat from accident/death at the workplace:

Workplace hazards are a big concern for organizations as the responsibility of safety lies with the management. While companies take all possible measures to ensure complete workplace safety, when accidents occur, immediate alerts and action can save lives. 

Solution: Smart surveillance systems alert authorities in case of accidents and send instant alerts to concerned personnel to take action in case of an incident.

To sum up:

Businesses routinely insure themselves against losses arising out of different situations, but the truth is that prevention is better than cure. That is why you need a smart security system that can act when it matters the most.

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