Is your critical Power & Energy area intrusion free?

Jul 25, 2018 | 3135 Views

Today, Power and Energy have become indispensable needs of contemporary society. Imagining even one day without it can bring an economy to a complete standstill. This multi-billion dollar booming industry is susceptible to theft, burglary, accidents, fire hazards, and many other serious threats. The occurrence of a hazardous incident without an effective preventive measure can lead to massive losses for a power and energy organization. Having an automated security system in place can help you take swift actions against threats, such as notifying the fire brigade, alerting the security staff about an on-going burglary, notifying the police station and much more. Access Control Systems today come with a myriad of useful utilities such as automation, alarm and notification system, 24x7 video surveillance management, complete system integration, canteen management and much more. Solus Security Systems can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Physical Protection:
A multi-billion dollar organization where thousands of workers check-in every day and truckloads of products are carried in and out, setting up the physical checkpoints is mandatory. Deploying barriers, turnstiles, bollards, biometric scanners, and other such security systems can help you mitigate the potential threats in advance. Solus recommended intruder detection systems will take your security measures to a different level.

Real-time Data Monitoring System:
Clients feel comfortable when they can keep a tab on the human and vehicle entries and exits near real-time. These near real-time monitoring systems detect any kind of tampering/vandalism and raise an alarm for the guards, authorities, and the stakeholders.

Attendance System:
When your organization has multiple shifts, tracking and managing all the information manually can be overwhelming. Access Control Systems can make this nerve-racking task quite simple by sorting, organizing, and recording the employee/contract workmen entries efficiently. The attendance management system is capable of saving the information of countless employees, their complex shifts, their hierarchical restrictions, biometric data, in and out time and more in the most efficient and organized manner. This information can be later used for monthly payments and backtracking the culprit in case of an intrusion.

Visitor Management System:
Power and Energy organizations are vast and receive hundreds of visitors every day. Having a system in place to track the visitor entries, their activities, and saving their information for future reference is a useful standard operating process. Solus Visitor Management System also plugs-in effectively with the video surveillance system and the key card access system to keep track of all the activities a visitor engages in while visiting the facility.

Hierarchical Access:
A useful attribute of an Advanced Access Control Systems is its ability to provide hierarchical access, which means Managers, Directors, and CEOs can have confidential access, while employees and other staff members would be restricted from this confidential access.

Solus Security Solutions has a lot of experience with Advanced Access Control Systems, attendance management systems, graphic maps, SMS and email alarms, entrant's photo display, live headcount, canteen management, HRMS / payroll/attendance integration, guard tour system, command & control, lockers, and integrations with other systems at your facilities. Solus has provided these systems to over 3000 leading organizations in India that include major organizations in the power and energy sector, such as NPCIL, PGCIL, SUZLON, NTPC, Reliance Industries Ltd, Indian Oil, HPCL and many more. 

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