How partnering with Solus Access Control OEM would help you to maximize your organisational revenues, profits and customer satisfaction?

Jul 09, 2018 | 3368 Views

Solus as your OEM provides you the very best in product value with the best margin to its partners and gives you the happiest customers.

Every organization today understands the importance of security, and every security solution OEM may claim to have the best solution. But, what are the key ingredients that make an OEM best suited for partnering with your company? You need the one that understands your specific needs, one that integrates efficiently with your current systems and improves continuously, one that has adequate experience, one that is up-to-date with the cutting-edge technologies, and one that saves your time and maximizes your productivity. Solus has specialized in the development, manufacturing, and support of Enterprise Security Automation Solutions that include Access Control Systems, Visitor Management Systems, Internet Protocol-based Closed Circuit Television, Workforce Management, Security, Administration, and Human Resource supporting automation through its low voltage electronics and computer software products.

How can iSolus help System Integrators?
System Integrators are expected to deliver a professional level output from diverse hardware and software products. System integrators assimilate a solution that is expected to achieve the same level of output as a world-class product. This can become a difficult task if the System Integrator doesn’t have access to the right hardware and software modules. iSolus can provide system integrators with all the tools necessary to customize the perfect software product for their organization. iSolus has been providing leading-edge technology with Access Control Systems, Visitor Management Systems, Time Attendance Systems and Video Management Systems to its 3000+ clients.

Three factors you should look for in your OEM partner:
  1. An integrated set of systems, which seamlessly work with each other.
  2. An OEM partner who can provide onsite assistance, requisite training, and post-installation maintenance.
  3. Professionals who have a proven record with the systems that they are dealing in. Credibility is of paramount importance.
How can iSolus help Security Consultants?
Security Consultants are experts in noticing loopholes in a security system, they have experience in what may go wrong and how it can be prevented. However, Security Consultants cannot do much without the accurate employees, contractor workmen and visitor's data, and the right technology to ensure that the security system is ready to handle a wide variety of potential threats. Consultants can provide good security strategies, and make a better security design, provided they have access to a fully integrated end-to-end system. So no matter how large the facility is or how complex the project is, with iSolus integration, Security Consultants can achieve their client's objectives.
  1. iSolus systems are fully integrated.
  2. They are compatible with systems from many other companies.
  3. iSolus can be supported with assistance to your on-site tech support teams.
  4. iSolus provides post-installation maintenance services.
How can iSolus help Project Management Consultants?
Project Management Consultants have many responsibilities, and these responsibilities vary from project to project. However, whether the project is small or large, there are quality standards, checkpoints, schedules, timelines, and multiple stakeholders to be delivered on. It is the PM Consultants' job to counsel the Project leader and his/her team against pitfalls, mistakes and to guide the project to a grand success without any deviation.

Benefits of integrating with:iSolus:
  1. Instant alerts about any misdemeanours via a Video Management Integration Software product.
  2. iSolus’ video management integration plugs in easily with other systems.
  3. The Visitor and Contract Workmen access Management System checks visitor IDs and monitors everyone who is not part of your organization.
  4. The Access and Attendance Management software products keep a track of all your employees and contractor workmen. This way you can also monitor any suspicious activity within your organization and mitigate any internal threat.

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