Security In The Oil & Gas Industry

Feb 28, 2017 | 3256 Views

When you google ‘Industrial Disasters’ and read the damage caused by disasters on oil rigs, the one thing we realize is that these damages are large scale and permanent. They disturb the ecological balance of that entire area.

Oil is one of the most important natural resource available to mankind – and we can safely say that in some cases more important than gold and diamond. But as they say – higher the risk, higher the returns. The oil and gas industry is one with high returns and high volume business and comes with its risks. Thus it dictates a high demand for adequate security measures.

A conglomerate, dealing in oil and gas, has to consider too many factors before looking into a security solution.
  • Multiple assets
  • Multiple offices across the globe
  • Multiple rigs and storage outlets and so on

Each of these locations and outlets needs the following security features -
  • Access Control
  • Visitor Access
  • Contract Workmen Management
  • Guard Tour Scheduling
  • Photo Display of all employees
  • Perimeter Fencing and Fire alarm systems
  • Attendance Management and so on

The most important decision to be taken while considering a security solution is the integration process for all assets across the globe.

Combine the two factors given above and you’re looking at a management nightmare especially for the security management team. That’s why there must be easy and centralized management and control. In case of an emergency, one's reaction and response need to be quick and coordinated.

This is where iSolus comes in. It is an integrated platform with an excellent emergency alarm and response system and protocol. Systems talking to each other lead to better coordination and a decrease in repetitive tasks. You can monitor every aspect of your organization through the security control room and in case of emergencies; protocols kick in to ensure that responses are not awaiting manual intervention. Excellent features like time-stamping and flexible reporting further improve the team’s efficiency.

  To sum up: The Oil & Gas Industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry, with the increasing threats all year round. Your safety depends on how ‘intelligent’ your security systems are.

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