The Top Three Selling Factors With Today's Access Control Systems

Apr 11, 2018 | 3362 Views

We all wish for a top-of-the-line security system, but the company has a limited budget when it comes to security measures. So, how do you quantify whether an Access Control System is indeed top-notch, best suited for your organization, and complies with the company’s budget? Here are a few pointers for end-users to look at when investing in today’s highly efficient and convenient Access Control Systems.

Security-Related Features
With the increase in security breaches around the world, the demand for Access Control Systems has risen considerably. Today, everyone wants an Access Control System with cutting-edge technology, impeccable security features and easy integration with other office components. Access Control Systems today can do a lot more than just grant or reject access.

  1. Accurate entry and exit log, helpful in backtracking culprits in case of a breach, useful in monitoring work hours, vacation and payroll for employees, and keeping track of visitor entries.
2. An Access Control System can distinguish individuals based on their job roles and the privileges they possess. This way, only employees with the required access permission can enter high-security facilities, while the rest are restricted from entering.
3. All Access Control Systems are automated, which means they do not need human intervention and can be remotely accessed and monitored from one secure centralized location.
Additional Non-Security Features
Due to the recent development of the Internet of things, more and more people are switching to controlling everyday objects with smartphones and desktops. Access Control Systems are also equipped to do so by integrating with office equipments. All common office types of equipment such as coffee machines, water-coolers, photocopiers, the facsimile machine as well as the lights and the air-conditioning system in a room can be controlled by Access Control Systems. You may wonder how is this feature beneficial to an organization, but behold, programming your building’s lights and air-conditioning system to switch off automatically when a room is empty can reduce your overall electricity expense. An Access Control System’s ability to keep log can help you measure how much your photocopier is used, whether you need an additional photocopier or if the facsimile machine is lying unused, or the fact that the coffee machine is broken and so on. Granted these non-security features seem trivial, but we at Solus Security Systems know how crucial they are, as they save a ton of time for your employees, and help them stay more focused on important tasks.

Convenience Factors
One other feature, which has gained significant importance, is the ease-of-use. While an Access Control System should most definitely be cutting-edge and sophisticated in security, it should not be too complicated or brain-racking to use. The user-interface and operating functionality should be simple and precise. And that’s exactly what today’s Access Control Systems have to offer, they are not only easy, but are also smart-phone friendly, can be operated via desktops, and can make full use of cloud computing to make the end user’s life convenient.
Now that you know the three top-selling factors of today’s Access Control Systems, you are equipped to analyze and make a better decision on which Access Control System to purchase. If you wish to know more about Access Control Systems, Solus Security Systems will be more than happy to answer all your queries and help you out.
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