Access Control – Just Security Or Much More?

Feb 18, 2017 | 2994 Views

How many times have you come across the statement (or tagline for that matter), “It is all about the experience”? Yes! Every activity, today, is an experience. Even daily activities like grocery shopping or paying bills have been curated to make it an experience. Thinking how is it done? Simple! You are offered additional (and personalized) benefits.

Picture this: You open your online wallet app to pay you phone bill. The first screen you see is a notification from the app saying, “We care about you, Ashish. Allow us to show it. Get 2 complimentary movie tickets upon paying your phone bill through Apptel Wallet, today”. Now, this offer is limited to only you. Another user will get cash back on his bill amount and a third will be offered extra talk time, and so on. Thus, every user of that online wallet will get customized offers. This is how customization and personalization come into play.

We, at Solus, too believe in making your security an exclusive experience for you. Read on…

Security solutions today, can offer more than just security features. Some of these secondary features include:
  • Daily attendance:
    Daily Attendance

    Now that’s one common scene, isn’t it? Employees can come up with innovative ways to save up on their late marks. However, did you know that our access control system can double up as an attendance marking system? All it requires is a biometric verification feature.
  • Monthly Payroll:
    Monthly Payroll

    We go on with the additional benefits of our access control systems; we hope you are not planning on laying-off your Human Resource and Administration teams! Icon wink Access Control – Just Security or Much More?
    A monthly report from the same biometric verification feature can give you the exact attendance of every employee, thus enabling accurate salary calculations.
  • Timed Access:
    Timed Access

    Do not want your employees snooping around in the office at odd hours, do you? Then, here’s an additional security feature that can be incorporated in our access control system – timed access. With this feature, even authorized employees cannot access an authorized area, post-work hours. How cool is that!
  • Cutting Costs:
    Cutting Costs

    This getting a little unreal?” – We are sure this thought must’ve crossed your mind at least once, by now. But yes, giving controlled access to your office equipments/machinery is a simple feature that ensures its controlled usage and minimum wastage. Here’s how! Access to use these machines can be limited to only a few selected employees and it can be completely denied post-work hours, in- turn saving a lot, on those ‘miscellaneous costs’.
  • Energy Bills:
    Energy Bills

    Picture this: The conference room lights and AC automatically switch off when the employees using it, leave the room. Such controlled and automated usage of electricity should help you in reducing your energy bills. Think about it!

To sum up: It’s the age of customization and intelligent system integration. If a simple device like the phone can become ‘smart’ and offer 10 times more features than its primary function – why can’t security systems? And we, at Solus have aced security management to make it exclusive for you to experience it.

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