Using Access Control Systems For More Than Just Security

Feb 14, 2018 | 3254 Views

It is a common understanding that an Access Control System is a security measure installed to safeguard the fort. However, contrary to popular belief today's Access Control Systems can do a lot more than just restrict unauthorized access. Let's take a look at the various new features a highly integrated Access Control System can provide.

Work Hours:
Tracking each individual's work hours has become a necessity whether you're a multi-national conglomerate or a budding organization. While Access Control Systems can permit you into the building, they also keep track of the date and time on which you entered or exited the building. This log can later be used to calculate the hours of service an employee has provided in a given period. An Access Control System can provide an accurate analysis of a person’s work hours, track leaves, emergency leaves, vacations, decide the payroll, and help narrow down a culprit if an incident has occurred in the vicinity. This feature is perfect for hotels that provide 24-hour service, where customers can check-in and check-out anytime, and employees work in various shifts throughout the day.

Multiple Levels of Security Access:
As an employer, the last thing you want is to suspect your employee of theft. However, it has been observed that 50% of security threats are back-tracked to an internal culprit. The best way to mitigate the chances of internal threats is to boost your internal security. While Access Control Systems at the entrance of a building prevent unauthorized access to the building, when they are installed inside the building, they can be used to provide multiple levels of security. For example, a kitchen-worker has no reason to access the hotel room, but a maid should have access to the room to clean it. You can program your Access Control System to restrict all kitchen-workers from having access to the rooms, whereas, all maids can freely access the hotel rooms as long as they aren't occupied by customers. Conditional Security Access provides time- based access so that employees cannot access the hotel after their shift. This feature can enable managers or employees with the right clearance to access specific rooms and add a high level of internal security to your hotel or spa.

Another useful feature of Access Control Systems is its ability to integrate printers, vending machines, and other useful office commodities. While incorporating such common utilities only curbs small expenses, combining these small costs leads to massive savings. Implementing these utilities with the Access Control Systems also enables you to assess who uses the utilities, how many times is it used, when is it used, or whether or not it is used at all. If you wish to know in-depth information regarding Access Control Systems, Solus Security Systems can guide you in getting the perfect Access System as per your expectations and needs.

Energy Consumption:
Did you know that you can use Access Control Systems to control the cooling and heating systems in your hotel? Not just that, you can even automate the lights to automatically switch off when employees or customers aren't using a room or a particular area. This feature itself can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumed in your hotel or spa.
Now aren't these features irresistible? Imagine how effective your organization will be once you implement Access Control Systems in your hotels and spas. They will reduce your yearly costs and boost your profits, not to mention your employees and customers will be exhilarated to use these features.  

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