Why You Should Have an Access Control System for Your Office

Jan 20, 2018 | 906 Views

You must have observed organizations putting a lot of emphasis on cyber security and digital data protection, but physical security is just as important. The protection of your employees and your work environment should be of utmost importance to you. Most organizations overlook physical security to reduce costs, but realize its importance only after a theft or tragedy has occurred. The best way to prevent a break-in is by incorporating an Access Control System to protect your facility.

What is an Access Control System?
Any system that helps you monitor and control the access to a facility is an Access Control System. All company resources such as offices, meeting rooms, storage rooms, or an entire building can be protected from outsiders with the help of an Access Control System. An Access control System enables you to grant access, restrict access, or provide limited access to employees or co-workers.

Do you need an Access Control System?
It is crucial for every organization that important business information is safe from external threats and competitors. For example, the Pharmaceutical industry discovers and develops new drugs after years of research, if this information falls in the wrong hands, it can cause a huge loss to the company. The use of locks and other mechanisms is common throughout the world, however, these security systems are time consuming and difficult to keep track of. Imagine a company where thousands of employees need to access a building throughout the day using keys, it can be tedious and time consuming. Even using key cards can become quite expensive due to the sheer number. Incorporating Biometric Access Control Systems would be a good solution in such a case, and Solus Security Solutions can help you choose the best technology for your company. However, let’s first understand whether your organization needs an Access Control System. To do so, you can ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Can a stolen or lost key card harm your organization?
  2. Do you need different access privileges for different employees in your company?
  3. Is it important that employees access your company only during specific work hours?
  4. Do you wish to track everyone who enters your company premises?
Advantages of an Access Control System
Access Control Systems today, come with a hoard of functionality, plus they are flexible and can be customized to meet the company’s precise expectations. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating an Access Control System:
1. Track each entry and exit
Access Control systems log each access made through a door, and track who entered or left the building. This enables you to backtrack all the activities that take place in your facility as well as monitor time and attendance throughout the organization.
2. Restrictions and Privileges
With an Access Control System in place, you can control who enters the building, and when. Employees who are not allowed post a certain period cannot exceed their stay or enter the premises post their shift, and janitorial staff who work night shifts can only access the facility at night.
3. Remote Access Control
Access Control Systems are remotely accessible, which means they can be controlled or monitored from a remote location, and are only available for a handful of staff members or the security team.

So, whether you are a small startup firm, or a multi-million dollar enterprise, whether you are in the Pharmaceutical, IT or Healthcare industry, Access Control Systems will provide invaluable support to keep your company’s security up to mark.


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