Defending the defence establishments of India

Jul 20, 2017 | 558 Views

One of the major efforts of the government includes ensuring the defence of its borders. Armed forces, air force, navy – all of these are strong organisations that work round the clock to protect our borders from uninvited aggression and terror.

Security precautions at Defence bases aim to protect Defence personnel, prevent theft of and damage to Defence assets and infrastructure, and prevent unauthorised access to sensitive Defence information and information and communication technology (ICT) systems. A key component of these precautions is controlling access to Defence bases, establishments, military or business units, Defence industry facilities and its assets and systems.

The defence forces have a number of establishments within the country for various purposes and these establishments need to be protected from threats and risks at all times

Most defence agencies attract a large number of people on their premises like employees, contractors, visitors and so on. It is essential to positively identify individuals before granting access to an area not designated for public access so as to ensure that only people whose identity has been established, who have an appropriate security clearance and who have an accepted reason for seeking entry can access Defence assets and information have access to the sensitive areas of the establishment.

Biometric access systems, vehicle management systems, physical entry barriers like boom barriers, bollards and other access control systems are important to ensure only authorized people can get in.

Proper planning, deployment and maintenance of these systems across multiple locations is the key to successful security management. Instant alerts and compatible systems ensure seamless action.

To sum up:

iSolus is proud to have worked with several defense organisations and continues to play an important role in maintaining their security. As an integrated security platform, iSolus makes sure various systems talk to each other issuing timely alerts and prompting immediate action.


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