Five Reasons For Your Organisation To Upgrade Your Access Control System

Sep 10, 2018 | 3024 Views

When your organization is growing, your needs become more complex. You need an access control system that can keep up with the new employees that are joining. Consider a new access control system to scale with your organization. If your organization is experiencing any of the below- mentioned signs, it’s the time to upgrade.

1. Your organization is experiencing a high growth.

You are on track to an accelerated growth and you are hiring over 5 employees a month. It’s a good sign of growth but your existing access control system is not fast and effective. You cannot give your new hires an access key card and keys to the office on their first day. You wait for external agencies to duplicate your keys and key cards. You experience delays in producing new keys and key cards and you are unable to give individual access rights to your new joiners. Consider switching to a contemporary access control system.
2. Your organization is facing security risks and has experienced a break-in.

Another break-in? Your past employees did not return their keys. You don’t have a record of who has access to your organization and you don’t know who can access which door and who has duplicated whose key. Your access control solution is not preventing security risks. You need a solution that can make access more efficient and keep a track of access.

3. Your organization’s keychain is making office operations inefficient for everyone.

Your co-workers spend a lot of time trying to find out which key belongs to which door. And when you look at your keychain and think you carry too many keys. There is a better way of entering your office.

4. Your organization’s access control system is out-dated.

Your organization got a key card system and many years later you are still using the same system. You encounter problems like non-working key card readers and cards and you are locked out because your obsolete system stops working. Your system is not safe and secure. Your key cards can be hacked and duplicated using a thousand rupee device. An out-dated access system lets you in and out but is not adaptable to meet your organization’s security needs.

5. Your organization wants to be a leader in innovation.

You are using the keys and access system that you used years back. Your organization wants to be a leader in innovation; you are considering an upgrade to a state-of-the-art access system and graduate to the keyless state.

It is time to upgrade.

If you experience any one of the above-mentioned scenarios, the time to upgrade your access control system has come. Embark on to an access control system that would adapt to your present needs.

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