A four step audit check-list to ensure that your organisation's electronic physical security system is actually working...

Sep 04, 2018 | 2267 Views

Is your organization spending millions on physical security technologies to restrict access to its people, facilities, products, and other assets?
Are your organization's physical security systems getting the job done?
Is your organization vulnerable to threats that have not been thought of?
Does your organization leverage the technology effectively, during an emergency and on a day-to- day basis?
To answer these questions, conduct a quick internal security audit of your facility following these four steps:

1. Examine the physical layout of the facility.
1.1 Does the layout create places to hide?
1.2 Is there enough lighting to illuminate key areas?
1.3 Is landscaping creating places to hide or providing roof access?

2. Note the number and location of all access points.
2.1 Do employees and visitors go through a single security checkpoint, or there are multiple access points?
2.2 Are doors, gates, elevators and other points secured using electronic access control technology?
2.3 Are windows closed, locked and otherwise secured?
2.4 Are all access points illuminated?

3. Consider the use of security guards.
3.1 Does the organization currently employ guards?
3.2 Do guards control access, make electronically checked tours and respond to security incidents effectively?
3.3 Would adding security guards improve security?

4. Investigate the effectiveness of the facility's current physical security technology.
4.1 What credentials are required for gaining access to the facility?
4.2 Are employees using the access control system as intended?
4.3 How is visitor management handled?
4.4 Is there an insight into which visitors are currently on-site or were on-site for a particular time?
4.5 When employees quit or are fired, what happens to their keys or access cards?
4.6 If the organization uses PIN codes for secure access, how often are they changed?
4.7 Are the facility's perimeters adequately covered by surveillance cameras?
4.8 Do exterior cameras provide usable footage day and night?
4.9 Are access points, stairwells and other key areas secured by cameras?
4.10 Are cameras monitored?
4.11 How long does your organization retain the footage?
4.12 During a security incident, how are the security personnel notified of the unauthorized activity? I
4.13 Is the current protocol/system enabling a fast and effective response?
4.14 If security gaps exist, would it be more cost-effective to add cameras or other technologies, invest in security guards or a combination of the above?

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