Benefits Of A Modern Access Control System Go Beyond Security

Jun 20, 2018 | 2926 Views

It has become common knowledge that Access Control Systems are the best line of defence against intrusion and external threats. But who said that's all they can do? Today’s Access Control Systems can fortify your fortress and provide a number of additional utilities to boost your efficiency and productivity. Read more to unlock the secrets of how a modern Access Control System can go beyond providing security measures and empower your enterprise to reach soaring heights.

Security Measures
Access Control Systems provide many additional utilities; however, their most important task is security. An Access Control System with additional utilities that does not live up to its security measures first is a deal-breaker. A top-notch Access Control system needs to run 24x7, keep a log on each person that enters or leaves the vicinity, make sure system data is automatically backed up, automatic alerts and alarm systems are always online and in case of a security breach, provide useful information in finding the culprit. All of Solus' Access Control Systems are capable of delivering these security features and much more to protect your enterprise against digital or physical burglary.

Employee Data
Most conglomerates today operate on an hourly basis. Each employee's paycheque depends on the number of hours he or she works per week. Calculating this data manually can be exhausting and time-consuming. However, an Access Control System keeps track of each employee’s entry and exit from the office premises. Which means, it can provide accurate data and save your company an ample amount of time.

Reducing Costs
Access Control Systems integrate with other office equipments and can help you manage, control, and monitor them. Access Control Systems can help you conserve energy by implementing automation, switching off lights and cooling systems when people aren’t using those specific areas. Access Control Systems log who uses which equipment, when do they use it, and how much is its utilization. This data can help your company take profitable actions by reducing small costs every day that sum up to massive savings over a long period.

Parking-lot Management
Access Control Systems are not just used for building security; they can also be programmed to monitor your parking lot. This ensures your parking lot is secure as well, and your employees get the facility of a hassle-free parking space. An Access Control System can make sure an employee gets higher priority as compared to a visitor when it comes to assigning parking spots for the day, and when all the parking spots are taken, the Control System can block any more entries avoiding traffic jams for your employees.

Convenience is one of the best additional features of an Access Control System. Whether it’s swiping a key card, biometric scanners, automation, or how much time they save, they make an employee’s life easy, leading them to work more productively. Imagine a time when keys were used to lock each room and door, and how taxing it was to manage and organize hundreds of keys.

Solus Security Systems has a wide range of Access Control Systems, each one with their unique features and utilities. You can choose which one suits best for your organization, and if you’re not sure, we will be extremely happy to guide you and help you find the Access Control System you need.

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