How Much Do You Know About Door Access Control ?

Mar 20, 2018 | 3494 Views

An Access Control System is an intelligent system put in place to grant or restrict access to a vicinity depending upon certain criteria. It may comprise a wide variety of methods and practices such as fingerprint access, retina scanners, key card access, Face Recognition and PIN numbers. Access Control Systems are used across various fields such as ATM machines, the banking sector, online money transactions, credit and debit cards and many more. However, the most common implementation of Access Control can be found in Door Access Controls. Let’s take a look at what are Door Access Controls.

Door Access Control
Access control used in conjunction with a door to grant or reject access to a secure location is called a Door Access Control. Door Access Controls receive input via biometric scanners, keypads or other controllers, and after cross-referencing with their database grant access to the particular entity in question. Door Access Controls that use biometric scanners authenticate a user based on attributes particular to a specific individual's physiology such as fingerprints, retina scan, Face, voice- authorization, which cannot be easily duplicated. Access Control Systems are far superior to manual keys, which are time-consuming, difficult to organize, and prone to theft or duplication.

How does it work?
Access Control Systems are first programmed to store the reference information in their database in the form of binary code. This data helps Access Control Systems authenticate each entity, and enables authorized personnel alone to enter the facility. The Access Control Systems log important information such as the number of times a person logged in, when did he/she enter or exit the premises, how long was he/she inside, and serves as a black box of vital information.

Pros of Door Access Control Systems
  • Door Access Control Systems provide better security as compared to traditional methods.
  • Traditional systems of security are prone to theft and tampering, whereas Door Access Controls are less likely to be hacked or misused.
  • Access Control Systems are easy to use and conserve time.
  • Door Access Control can be remotely monitored from one secure location.
  • Door Access Controls are automated and do not require human intervention.
  • Access Control Systems are feature-rich and can be integrated with other office equipments to reduce energy consumption, remote-access, inter-linking, and much more.
  • They have an automated alarm system that triggers and intimates the authorities or security
  • personnel when a crisis is detected.

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