How smart buildings work-Inside modern workplaces

May 22, 2017 | 5064 Views

Smart cities, smart villages and smart offices- These terms have caught the fancy of many and everyone is striving to bring a little smart into their lives. But ‘smart’ can mean many things for many people. For us, it means how secure and convenient a facility really is.

Here are some of the smart features in many modern office complexes: 

They are high on sustainability:

Smart buildings are high on saving resources in the form of water and electricity. They are installed with sensor controlled electrical and faucets. The building’s architecture allows for maximum natural light and is efficiently insulated to reduce electricity costs. Waste water recycling units are also a common and important feature.

They have smooth systems for handling administrative issues regarding employees:

Employee satisfaction is a main concern for a smart office. Hence an automated system that allows employees to flag their concerns regarding administrative issues directly to the right person helps reduce the overall report and response time.

They come with evolved access control systems:

Biometric readers as well as card readers are just some of the tools that a smart building uses. However, the real difference lies in the way these tools are planned and placed to create a logical flow for various users of the premises.

They have smart canteens:

Canteens in a smart building will never be a messy affair. They are instead efficient, system driven canteens that allow users to pre-book their orders and have a quick check out time on their lunch.

Smart parking management:br />
Vehicles waste a lot of precious fuel looking for an available parking space. Also buildings with no provision for visitor parking are a burden on the society as they force visiting vehicles to park on the road creating a traffic nightmare. Smart buildings plan for these vehicles and are equipped with parking management to identify vacant spots and allot them.

They are quick to respond to emergencies:

Smart buildings have intelligent security systems that provide instant actionable alerts that allow managers to respond to situations in an organized and systematic manner.

To sum up:

It is time companies and office complexes realized the importance of a good security solution to go beyond just mundane security and look at it as a way to enhance the overall experience of their stakeholders.

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