Can your CTO design and implement your company’s security? Yes, better with iSOLUS.

Mar 06, 2017 | 3073 Views

Since most security systems today are integrated with information technology and come with a lot of technical features and specifications, Organizations rely on their Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to select and oversee the implementation of the security system in their organization. While this makes sense at a decision level, the design and implementation would benefit from having an expert team like iSolus’ technical team to work out the details.

CTOs by virtue are extremely sharp when it comes to understanding the technical specifications and integration aspects; which makes them perfect to handle information security systems. However, physical security systems require a whole new level of detailing and analysis, which is where methodical security automation implementation techniques of experienced security system providers are essential.

Which areas need a surveillance system, what kind of areas are to be restricted and to whom, which systems need to speak to each other, what kind of emergency responses need to be set up? Many fine points need to be looked into in tandem with various departments that need to be explored with due diligence to be able to design a fool proof, efficient system.

Companies that have a multi-location presence yet want to keep one single system across all locations would find it even more challenging to design a security system from an information point of view alone. That is why companies need to re-look at the way the security system set-up process is carried out.

iSolus is India’s leading integrated security management platform, adopted by leading organizations and companies. iSolus specializes in creating seamless security systems ensuring co-ordination between various modules like Access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems and so on.

By conducting a detailed study of the client premises, processes, functions and challenges, iSolus experts recommend a security solution to the finest detail. This in-depth study of client requirements when combined with proprietary knowledge of best practices within each industry and a pre-emptive approach to challenges helps build a holistic solution. With iSolus, CTOs can look forward to easing off handling systems across geographies, automating their key processes like canteen management, time office, visitor management, parking management, etc.

iSolus is cloud-enabled which allows users to access information anywhere on the go through a simple mobile app. Emergency responses can be effectively set up on the app, helping security administrators gain complete control over situations even when they are away from the site.

To sum up:

So while the CTO’s role is essential in the security system setup, organizations could benefit from enlisting the help of the system provider to ensure clear and unfailing sync between information and physical security.

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