When and how to lock down your security system

Nov 08, 2017 | 584 Views

In the 21st Century, no business is run without data, important assets and a range of potential threats. Whether you own a small retail shop, or a multinational conglomerate, keeping your data and your assets safe from marauders is of dire importance. While securing your system does not always mean hiring the big guns, it also means one should take multiple measures to counter each channel of threat. This diligent and constant vigilance is the most effective countermeasure against crime.

Here are some important steps that go a long way in security:

1. Education

Majority of the crimes take place due to negligence or misinformation in an organization. This lack of vigilance can be mitigated by educating your employees about effective security measures. Avoiding default passwords, logging out, scanning for anti-virus when external devices are connected, keeping your personal belongings safe, locking the door, making sure the security equipments are up to date and serviced in regular intervals  are all minor, yet very important steps in  security. More often than not, crimes take place via these weak-spots. Your company should not only have a good security system, but also educate your employees on the proper use of various security systems available. Their awareness and vigilance can increase your security ten-fold.

2. Use Security Patches

Your security systems run on software that needs to be updated from time to time. A Patch is a piece of software that is an update once the software product is public. All hardware products have a software counterpart, which requires updates and fixes against new threats that emerge every day. These patches boost your security system’s immune system.

3. Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation includes actions taken or strategies put in place to reduce adverse effects out of any operation. With people walking in and out of a company, the risk of theft is quite high. Having Access Control Systems like Solus Biometric, Smart card etc  in place reduces the risk an unwanted intrusion and adds a level of security to the internal restricted areas as well.

4. Co-ordination between teams 

The Departments should be well aware of the latest trends and updates in information Security, they also have formidable experience in securing data, knowledge about best practices and traditional strategies in place to take quick and immediate action when a threat is detected. Having a live support team to address issues, escalate high-priority cases and solve technical glitches quickly is also a very important task. Co-ordination among the different departments and taking their advice can be very beneficial in keeping your system safe and secure.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and there are a lot of techniques and actions one can take in securing your company against any kind of intruders. Solus Security Solutions is well-equipped to handle any physical security threats, and has countermeasures and strategies in place for unforeseen events as well.


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