Lunch times simplified: How mobile apps can make lunch breaks easier for employees

Apr 19, 2017 | 5096 Views

It’s almost ten minutes to lunch. Varun is working and has a few reports to submit before leaving office today. He also needs to make a quick trip to the bank. He thinks he can just have a quick bite and then run to the bank and be at his desk in an hour and continue with his day. After ten minutes, Varun gets up, takes the elevator to the ground floor. He runs across to the cafeteria and stands in a queue to order a sandwich. The queue moves exceptionally slowly and by the time he has placed his order and collected the food item, he is already 45 mins into his lunchtime. It is no longer possible for him to go to the bank. Varun curses under his breath. His lunchtime just got completely wasted.

A lot of times, people in large office complexes find themselves in the same situation as Varun. They want to finish some quick personal errands, take a power nap or have a few minutes of light chit- chat with their colleagues during their lunchtime. When they are required to run across campus and stand in queues to procure their meals, it leads to a lot of time wasted and in turn takes away precious downtime from your employees which would have otherwise added to their productivity and satisfaction levels.

Some companies have realized the importance of using lunch breaks as an opportunity to help employees energize themselves. For example, Kiran works in a leading IT company situated in a famous IT park in Hyderabad. While traveling to work, Kiran checks an app on her phone that shows her the meal options for the day. She chooses whatever she wants to order right there and the payment is deducted from her account where she has a pre-paid balance in the form of meal vouchers. Once the order is placed, she receives a code on her phone. At lunchtime, once Kiran reaches the counter, she just needs to scan her code at the kiosk and her order delivery is initiated. Within 5 minutes, Kiran walks away with her plate and enjoys her meal- without any hassles.

Apart from bringing more free time for the employees, automation solves many other problems:
  • Less time consumed for order taking
  • Less reliance on cash transactions
  • Better projections for the canteen service providers reducing wastage of food
  • Better visibility of options for patrons
  • Opportunity for canteens to initiate promotions and offers
  • Better managed process

To sum up:

iSolus’ canteen management system provides an end to end solution that streamlines and simplifies the entire food ordering process leading to higher efficiency, fewer crowds and in turn superior satisfaction for management as well as employees. Many leading business parks have opted for this system with great results, especially in situations where handling a huge number of orders in a short period posed many problems. Please visit our website for more information. For any sales enquiries, please contact +91 8043336666 or drop an email to