Regular Maintenance Is A Must For Any Access Control System

May 14, 2018 | 4214 Views

Access Control Systems have become an integral part of building security around the world. Along with providing security to the premises, Access Control Systems also provide several other helpful utilities. Like every piece of equipment, they too require regular maintenance and upgradation. Now, when we say Access Control Systems need routine maintenance, we don't imply just hardware, but also the management of central system processes, door and card reader maintenance and diagnosis of the Access Control Database.

Over the years, Solus Security Systems has observed that database maintenance is the most neglected aspect when it comes to Access Control System maintenance. The database stores all the critical information regarding employees and potential threats. It is the database that decides who gets access to the facility and who does not. At times, employees who leave the company do not return their key cards, sometimes key cards are lost, or get stolen, and this information must be accurately updated in the database regularly, otherwise, it can lead to a security breach and the Access Control System will not be able to avert the intrusion. Biometric details of previous employees need to be removed from the system as well, to prevent a security breach.

Another important point is the change in employee designations, or department transfers or project handovers. All these important transactions need to be updated on the database for the effective functioning of the Access Control System. Such important updates should not be incorporated on a quarterly or annual basis but should be updated every month. It can be a challenge to make these changes in-house, in which case one should seek help from the Access Control Department. Solus Security Systems prides itself on having the best maintenance service available for your Access Control Systems.

Regular backups are mandatory for any organization. Arrangements should be made to revert your system to the last backed-up version in case a data or system failure occurs. Manually uploading data can be a time-consuming process and give rise to unnecessary errors. Generally, backups are scheduled every month; however, it is not unusual to schedule backups every week if you think your company needs it.

All the pieces of hardware and the database are connected via software. This software platform also needs maintenance from time to time. Over time, some of the code files may break down, in which case these need to be checked by running a full-system diagnosis and replace the broken code files with functioning ones. Software products face a threat from virus attacks, malware, and other bugs, you need to make sure your software is well protected against these threats and have an updated anti-virus system as well.

Last but not the least, all your hardware equipment also needs to be diagnosed. The doors, card readers, connections lines, servers, biometric scanners, and any piece of hardware should go through a full-diagnosis regularly to ensure they haven’t been tampered, and to replace parts that aren’t working as per requirement. Making sure these minute changes are made over regular intervals can help avert bigger disasters and avert major potential security threats. So, ensure you boost your security system’s immunity by routine maintenance and take counsel from a reputed Access Control Department such as Solus Security Systems.

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