Security for Retail

Jan 28, 2017 | 3287 Views

A retail boom has hit India and changed the face of the Indian consumer. Any town however big or small features a mall with an entertainment zone – and these are modern hotspots for people to spend time with their friends or families.

In this scenario, while the high number of footfalls is a big boon for retailers, managing a store, staff, product and visitor security is an issue. In case of multiple stores in multiple cities, attendance management is a challenge.

But hey! We are in the twenty-first century where technology has solutions even for the most complicated problems. All you need is a good security management partner to make life simpler.

Solus with it’s integrated security management solutions can help retailers with 5 most complicated tasks and take the stress out of management
  • Attendance Management: Using modern, compact, easy to install devices you can monitor shift timings, attendance and leaves of all the employees in the stores.
  • Access Control: Attendance management also includes access control features whereas per the role of the employee they can be granted access to certain areas of the establishment.
  • Surveillance: Using CCTV cameras, you can monitor the behavior of your staff and resolve instances of theft.
  • Theft and Pilferage: Using magnetic censors, you can instantly know if someone is taking an item out of your premises without permission. During billing, the magnetic sensors can help pull up details of the product and automatically update in your local system as well as a central system for perfect inventory management.
  • Fire & Safety: In case of fire or any other emergency, safety measures kick automatically in place to limit the damage and control the situation.

No two requirements are the same and hence customization is an important aspect that we at Solus address.
To sum up: By taking care of usual administrative and management issues, Solus helps retailers focus on their core business and provide better service to their customers. Choosing the right partner who can understand your requirements and puts a system that’s efficient is critical to success. 

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