4 Signs you should change your Access Control System

Jan 12, 2018 | 3250 Views

Every organization goes through a number of stages in its life span, such as the start-up stage, growth stage, expansion stage, and the established mature state, and one needs to apply a different approach at each stage. The security concerns you face are also different at each stage. So, let’s take a look at the four signs why you should change your Access Control System.

1. Good Growth
When your company is in the expansion stage, you will be hiring 1 to 25000 employees every month. In such a case, your Access Control System should be able to handle the new recruits without difficulty. Any delay in providing efficient access control will not only send a bad message to the new recruits but will also affect work efficiency. If you’re still using Key Cards, it is vital that the new recruits have the access key cards from the first day itself. However, it is advisable that you install a scalable Biometric Access Control System to make sure new employees have easy access and at the same time avoid any security breaches.

2. A break-in has occurred in the past
There are various ways an intruder can break into your facility and the security system should be able to monitor all the entry points effectively. If your organization has already witnessed a security breach, you should consider upgrading your security system; your current security system may not be up to date with recent threats. If you’re still using Keys or Access Key Cards to keep your doors locked, know that they can be easily duplicated, and are very difficult to backtrack. Biometric Access Systems are better, and cannot be easily hacked. If you need a professional opinion, consult a reputed Security Solutions company such as Solus Security Systems and explain your needs and expectations. Solus Security Systems will surely provide the best solution there exists for you.

3. Using Keys is inefficient and time-consuming
If your company still uses keys to access doors, and you have a hundred doors, you can imagine how much time is wasted going through all the keys to access one door. Even if the keys are properly sorted and labelled, and take no more than a minute of your time, a new age Access Control System can get you through the door within 2 seconds, provided the biometric machine is already setup.

4. Existing Access Control system isn’t up to mark
Key Card Access Systems are no doubt efficient and widely used, but they are quickly being replaced with newer and more reliable systems. Key Cards are not scalable, aren’t intuitive, do not have the provision for automatic alerts and notifications, and can be easily hacked. Organizations that demand high security such as Pharma & R&D Labs, Government & Defence, and Power & Energy definitely require a proficient Access Control System. Your Access Control System should be able to counter the threats of the 21st Century, and upgrading to the newest technology has a much better fighting chance than decade-old technology.

So, if you think your company has witnessed any of the above-mentioned scenarios, it may be time to upgrade your Access Control System and make sure your security is in safe hands. Solus Security Systems has a decade worth of experience protecting and securing organizations across India, it has over 3000+ clients including major pharmaceutical companies such as Biocon, Aurobindo Pharma, Gsk, etc. across 130+ cities, and has successfully satisfied each company with their top-notch security products and impeccable service.
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