Tracking Beyond Time

Jan 01, 2017 | 1339 Views

Decades have passed by, access control systems have only been considered time trackers and security device that helped personnel enter a building or area. While it’s a common notion that they are limited to this function,modern access control systems have come a long way and have a variety of tools and benefits that are very often ignored. They can help any organization develop operational efficiencies and decrease costs by aiding integration with a huge variety of work force products and solutions.

Access control systems are known for their ability to keep a track about a lot of things apart from just time. Any enterprise with access control systems should maximize the capabilities of the system by integrating with other systems.

Solus’s access control systems help the enterprise beyond time tracking.

Here is the umbrella of benefits it offers:
  • Access control enables all your security to be centrally controlled
  • Anyone without a PIN, access card or rights is prevented from access
  • Avoids the problem of lost keys – you can simply delete and re-issue a card
  • Stops widespread knowledge of a door entry code or combination
  • Helps manage site security with contract staff, or permanent staff who leave
  • Enables restricted access, safeguarding equipment and stock – e.g. IT staff to server room
  • Restrict car park access to authorized personnel
  • Protocols can be set to open certain doors during set periods
  • Improve staff management with reports showing staff movement and time keeping
  • Provides on/off-site system management and control

To sum up: Solus’s Access Control system can help an organization run efficiently by successfully managing different systems at the same time.


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