Are your visitors getting caught in red tape? Here’s how you can simplify and automate

May 11, 2017 | 5964 Views

No matter what the industry vertical you operate in, large operations mean more efforts in streamlining security, which often leads to a slow-down in the pace of things. As you drive all your systems to handle a large volume of employees, contractors, visitors, and workers- your regular visitors can get caught in the uncomfortable space where they have to go through the entire process
of vetting with each visit.
You can save a surprising amount of time and delight your visitors by automating your visitor management system. Most importantly, you get a structured, clear database of every visitor that enters your premises along with many other details, which would be overlooked in a manual system.

Modern visitor management systems can efficiently enrol new visitors and store their details in a central database, where they can be pulled out for repeat visits as well as records. Visitors can go through an automated process of confirming their presence and hosts can be alerted in case the visitor overstays on the premises over and above the stipulated time frame.

Today, the epitome of convenience can be found in the form of self-service kiosks that can handle the entire visitor flow from end to end providing alerts where required.

Here is a visitor flow that you can explore to ensure a smooth experience for your employees: 

Scheduled Visitors:

Scheduled visitors with prior confirmed appointments can be registered by the inviting employee. The inviter schedules a meeting on the system. He/she enters the visitor’s details into the system and generates a code. The visitor can provide the code at the reception or enter it into a self-service kiosk and enter the premises. Beyond the stipulated time if the visitor is still on-premises, an alert goes to the inviter and a response is sought from him/her.

Complete clarity and reliability of the visitor as he/she has been invited by a company employee.
Records in a database for future reference.
Alert in case of unusual activity.
Reduced time and manpower for entry.

Unscheduled Visitors:

Visitors without a prior confirmed appointment can request an appointment through the kiosk. They need to enter the details of the person they intend to meet and seek their approval for the same. In case the employee declines the meeting for any reason, the visitor can try to schedule an alternate date and time for a meeting.

Reduction in the time needed for dealing with unscheduled visitors.
Creates a transparent system for both parties.

Other important modules:
Access Cards – Access cards for visitors can be calibrated to allow entry only into certain zones and map their movements on the premises.
Parking Management System- Parking management systems keep a log of vehicles entering the premises and also help cut down on time wasted in finding an empty parking spot.
Alerts: Timely and actionable alerts reduce the chance of property misuse as well as chances of corporate espionage especially in high-risk businesses.

To sum up:

iSolus from Solus has a range of products that can help companies automate their visitor flow. As an integrated platform, it ensures complete synergy between various modules and reduces hassles on multiple fronts. For an efficient visitor management solution, companies and office complexes can avail of Solus’ expertise in planning and customization of a security solution. Please visit our website and for any sales enquiries, please contact +91 8043336666 or drop an email to