Do you know who all enter your facilities? With what do they enter? Would you not like to know this?

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When you are in the manufacturing business, and your products are expensive, you cannot take your security lightly. It is a good idea to level-up your security measures taking into account the value of your products. You should not invest too much in the security measure in comparison with the value of the products, neither should you invest too little so as to risk the protection of the products. It has to be right enough, based upon the value of your products. Solus Security Solutions can help you in choosing the best security system based upon the kind of the products your company manufactures and delivers.

Clients and Employees:
Clients and employees feel safe and secure when the company takes its security measures seriously. It's your company's responsibility to make your employees feel safe while they are providing services to the firm. Clients trust you with more business when they know that you take all the necessary precautions to deliver the product without any losses or damages.

Benefits of an Access Control System:
  • Keeps an eye on your costly equipment at all times.
  • Protects your products as your client's businesses are dependent on your products.
  • Keeps a tab on your employees and contractors; their attendance, shifts, and more.
  • Manages visitors and wards off intruders, vandals, and pesky competitors.
  • Guards sensitive information about your company.
Regardless of how well you plan a delivery; there is a probability that accidents and malfunctions may happen. Your security systems should be ready to counter these emergencies and make sure that the level of damage is kept to the minimum. Emergencies may range from natural calamities to human errors, from internal to external entities and from critical to minimal levels. A reliable and efficient Access Control System has a built-in function to detect such incidents and quickly notify the authorities to take swift action, whether it is a fire hazard, a break-in, or any other security rule breach incident. Security Solutions from Solus Security Solutions have been safeguarding its clients at over 130 locations in India.
  • Benefits in case of emergencies: Integration with other systems that provide alarms, notifications, quick back-ups and alerts for officials to take quick countermeasures against an emergency. Your fire alarm, attendance, and surveillance system can now be compatible with one another.
  • A time and attendance management system that keeps a tab on employees and visitors to counter external as well as internal threats.
  • Video surveillance with IP video management integration cameras that can easily tap into your access control system, controlling intrusions, thefts, accidents and more.

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Manufacturing companies need a reliable system to efficiently manage their supply chain, raw materials that enter the facility as well as final products that exit the company. If warehouse management, multi-location inventories and distribution requirements planning are some of the tasks that need to be efficiently managed in your company, then access control systems are a perfect fit for you. Solus Security Solutions can help you find the most suitable and cost-effective security solution. Asian Paints Limited using the Solus Systems for their access control, attendance, visitor, and canteen management systems is one of the very successful projects executed by Solus.

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