Self-operating Kiosk

Say “Hello” to the self-operating kiosk and a “Bye” to the reception desk

In today’s generation, where processes are technologically churned, iSolus super-efficient kiosk will replace the traditional front desk. Not only will it take care of pre-scheduled and unscheduled visits but will substantially cut short your guest’s waiting time. Book shelves, office clutter, erroneous logs and manual reports will become a thing of past.

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits
Did you say automatic database?
iSolus self-operating Kiosk comes with an inbuilt web-cam, a biometric reader and a preloaded operating system (OS) that systematically guides your visitor through the process by which they obtain a “Smart Card”. The card is packed with all details in it - giving visitors a quick and easy access to your company. This builds a comprehensive and a sustainable visitor database for you. As we all know, “in the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.”
Saves payroll costs by…
With the iSolus’ self -operating kiosk in place, you get faster and more efficient services than manual operations – you save up to 5% of payroll costs. This means a lower overhead cost and still providing your customers with the service that they need. 
Happiest visitors are yours 
Anything that takes a lesser time and results in an efficiency is a “win-win” for your organization and visitors. They will start acknowledging your choice to be in the forefront – by keeping up with the latest technology and using your resources smartly. 
You won’t miss a thing
If you have upcoming events lined up, the Online Visitor Registration and Verification system sends an automatic notification to your employees and guests in advance. This way, shoddy documentations and last-minute preparations are eradicated.
Unique tracking mechanism 
iSolus Visitor Management Solution (SVMS) has a unique tracking mechanism by which your employee’s work intervals are recorded through the Duration Monitoring Mechanism. There’s no room for a friction within the organization.
Get to know your visitors 
You can obtain a comprehensive data of the past and current visits through the Visitor Activity Dashboard. This also helps you gauge and analyze visitor frequency.
SVMS keeps you secured
iSolus’ solution enables the photo pass printing and verification along with restricted access privileges. This helps increase security level by keeping your facilities safe and uncompromised.

From hospitals and corporates to airport terminals and supermarkets – iSolus’ visitor management solution can be tailored to your requirements.  We will help you revolutionize directory logs, lobby management, employee records and visitor database with great ease.

Take the step to progress and happier visitors! 

Quick Features
  • Organizes visitor data with ease
  • Reduces payroll costs by 5%
  • Extremely easy to install, operate and handle
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